Free Water is what you get when you go to the Frozen Lemonade stand by the Grizzly Run rollercoaster in Great America! Just buy some frozen lemonade and ask for some free water. Oh, and don't forget to pick up the extra dollar bills that other people dropped under the lemonade cart.
q4istina: FREE WATER!!!
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Tagline made popular by Drippy Ray Cyrus used to grant any parched thot a healthy dose of good h20 - sonically or health wise. This typically equates to giving out beneficial gifts, getting washed in some sort of challenge, excelling in something, helping the less fortunate drink more water, or just unveiling your true inner wetness.

In the past years this term has rose to extreme heights of popularity thanks to other popular social media presences promoting the #FreeWater lifestyle.
Person 1: Bout to release my pirate culture album for free.
Person 2: You wanna give your craft out for free ?
Person 1: Free water for everybody.

Person 1: Did you know its illegal to catch rain water in some states?
Person 2: Whaat?? SMH #FreeWater forever
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by freemitherfknwater May 05, 2018
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