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The 5th solo studio album released by acclaimed singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith. (a.k.a. Great Sex Tapes) In my opinion, his best album, which includes great pieces of work, such as These Days, Dragonfly On Bay Street, and Gold In Them Hills.
Yeah, go and listen to your Cannibal Corpse, ya metalhead, I got Cobblestone Runway to keep me company. And it won't break my eardrums!
by strong badian March 22, 2005

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The eagerly-anticipated third studio album by the (in my opinion) greatest band ever, Coldplay. The first single "Speed of Sound" will be released on May 23rd, 2005, while the album itself drops on June 6th, 2005.
I'm planning on camping out outside of Fred's Record's on June 6th to get X&Y.
by strong badian April 11, 2005

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A site quite like this one, but inferior in quality.
Urban Dictionary kicks googlism.com's rear end!
by strong badian March 13, 2004

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So totally my word. That's right, I made it up. If it ain't on UD, it's mine!

Me: How are you?
Person: Pretty good, you?
Me: Smame.
by strong badian January 20, 2005

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I dunno, but voodoochild says it all the time. It annoys everybody but me.
Poopytrim is now one of my favorite words.
by strong badian April 11, 2005

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Another calculator trick that I invented, where when turned upside down, the number reveals "SHIZZO". Needs a bit of imagination to read though.
Don't forget the decimal in 0.22145.
by strong badian June 21, 2004

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The eagerly-anticipated (I say that about all albums that I like... hmm...) 5th album to be released by blues-rock group The White Stripes. Hits stores June 6th, 2005, while the first single, "Blue Orchid", hits stores May 29th.
"Get Behind Me Satan" is a reference to an old Negro spiritual, therefore the new White Stripes album will probably go back to a more bluesy base.
by strong badian April 29, 2005

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