Derived from the song "Blue Orchid," by the White Stripes.

gently caressing or massaging a woman's pussy lips with the intention of building sexual enjoyment, without completing the act of ejaculation.
similar to "blue balls" for a man.

listen to the words, dumbasses.
You tickled my orchid/Turned it blue.

I was with my girl last night and her brother barged in while I was eating her out. He didn't catch me, but she had to go to the bathroom to handle her blue orchid.
by Spaz Out July 22, 2008
Derived from the White Stripes' song *blue orchid* initially means an erection, because the first lyrics that are *you got a reaction* sounds exactly like *you got an erection* seriously, check it out yourself.
1*Hey Jack.....don't look now I gotta blue orchid
2*"looks down" eewwwww! dude! you were serious!
1*What did you think don't look meant?
2*It was a reaction! kinda like when you're in a locker room, and you scream, "don't look now, I'm naked" but everyone looks!
by Love-Ninja February 14, 2006
Blue orchid is a name of a White Stripes song, blue orchid means blue balls, orchid is another word for testicles.
blue balls = blue orchid
by Hank The Spank November 8, 2006