Derived from the song "Blue Orchid," by the White Stripes.

gently caressing or massaging a woman's pussy lips with the intention of building sexual enjoyment, without completing the act of ejaculation.
similar to "blue balls" for a man.

listen to the words, dumbasses.
You tickled my orchid/Turned it blue.

I was with my girl last night and her brother barged in while I was eating her out. He didn't catch me, but she had to go to the bathroom to handle her blue orchid.
by Spaz Out July 22, 2008
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Derived from the White Stripes' song *blue orchid* initially means an erection, because the first lyrics that are *you got a reaction* sounds exactly like *you got an erection* seriously, check it out yourself.
1*Hey Jack.....don't look now I gotta blue orchid
2*"looks down" eewwwww! dude! you were serious!
1*What did you think don't look meant?
2*It was a reaction! kinda like when you're in a locker room, and you scream, "don't look now, I'm naked" but everyone looks!
by Love-Ninja February 14, 2006
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Blue orchid is a name of a White Stripes song, blue orchid means blue balls, orchid is another word for testicles.
blue balls = blue orchid
by Hank The Spank November 07, 2006
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