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A Sharks Tale. shite blacker version of finding nemo which uses phrases such as "aight","dawg","hup there it is",etc to appeal to "hip" people. wank.
you REALLY don't want to witness how dire this is!
by stix February 22, 2005

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Beautiful and gifted rap poetess.A sexy ebony fox!Is often hated on by some dicks who wouldn't know talent if they saw it.
Ill Nana
by Stix September 04, 2003

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the uk's premiere breeding ground for inbreds. it is disguised as a supermarket but don't let that fool you, try talking to the staff!
"excuse me, where is the fresh pasta please?"
"huh huh ummm yeah. me get supervisor (cousin, dad and sister all rolled into one). huh huh"
by stix February 25, 2005

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A hugely innovative and refreshing R&B diva,who is horribly misunderstood by the masses.Has had three top notch albums(the 2nd,never released in the US).

Has an understated,retro chic beauty and a wonderfully subtle,sullen and melancholy singing voice.

One who is far better than Beyonce and Ashanti,who are just like all the other mainstream sounding female singers!
Milkshake's not her only brilliant song.Haters,I suggest you listen to Caught Out There,Good Stuff,Get Along With You and Young,Fresh N' New!
by Stix April 08, 2004

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a fat person.
from the scientist who identified a type of trunkle obesity
oy crix, eaten many pies recently? truck loads you fat fuck
by stix February 25, 2005

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Great show about 4 power and sex hungry MILF's.They can screw practically any man they want to!
Shame it went off air.I wish I was in that so I could fuck all 4 of those dirty MILF whores
by Stix May 03, 2004

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