someone who is desperate for anything. They will hang around waiting for something to happen or are just really annoying
Tim keeps calling me tonight asking what is happening...he's such a despo.
by Sam Elliott October 5, 2003
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Thou a despo is such a pain in the ass sometimes ,asking for attention ,or leting you fixing things like searches, or even trying to get at yer E_luv by creeping arround chat groups, he should be considered as indispensable in every chatroom for when boredom strikes and users go for a kill for fun sakes.
eliminating despo,s in a chat room could be fatal for the existance of he keep the wild at level.
ok guys lets gang ban that despo.
lissen you dumbfuck despo you gitt or i,ll nuke ya
hey your pming my chick you despo twat
by Stolle September 4, 2006
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Beginning life in P2P programs chat rooms, a despo is one who continually seeks porn files and/or cyber sex in such a desperate way that they will get extremely angry and become really difficult when their mission has failed. It is not uncommon for a despo to say after being denied porn/cyber things like: "I fucked your mother" or "Your mom is so fat..........etc". Also inter threats are not uncommon.
"Hi, can i download movie of sex pliz"
This is a popular despo comment as is, "Im horni, can sumone give me cyber or sexo on cam"
by steve March 29, 2005
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A desperate or thirsty person. Someone who is in a bad situation.
Girl one " I gotta go over there and talk to him, he's way too fine!"
Girl two "Whoa calm down, you don't wanna look hella despo"
by ATFash June 6, 2010
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Girl 1 "OMG isnt he yummy even tho he's like way younger than me"
Girl 2 "OMG relax...your such a despo"
by Anjizzle June 14, 2010
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plural: see despo

people who are desperate, who hang around waiting for something to happen.
'Rule #3: no despos in the chatroom' (source: SlSk PTP BB PornROOM)
by dave cole April 12, 2005
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A guy who does not stop making desperate comments/passes in regards to sex or other favors. He does not know how to take no for an answer.
He is being such a despo dick. He won't stop texting me to come over for netflix and chill.
by CheetahGal December 29, 2016
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