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Non Committal Make Out
Yo he just got some NCMO from butterface.
by Steve April 02, 2003

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to pee on someone....
See I roll around sittin' on dubs, cat and the mouse high on shrubs.. coolin' in my escalade man i'm paid i got it made. take me to your special place, close your eyes show me your face......I'm going to piss on it. Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, i dont even want none of the above i want to piss on you, yes i do, i piss on you i pee on, is that that ur body, ur body, is a portopotty, and i pee on it, like it knows karate(knows karate) imma pee on u, drip,drip,drip, pee on all on u, its on its on u.. u wont feel quite the same when you get a whiff of my hershey stains.. i wanna poop on u too, i wanna piss in ur food, the only the thing that makes my life complete is when i turn ur face to a toilet seat.. i want to piss on u, yes i do, yes i do i pee on u,i piss on.. wont u brade my head wont u brade my head
by steve February 28, 2005

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vagina, pussy, pink, vaginal canal,
I ate out her va-jay-jay.
by steve March 24, 2005

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to receive something well, whether it be sex, money, victory, or something else
I finished that test in 10 minutes; I got some!
by Steve February 25, 2005

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a religion originating in the east(coast) encouraging the endowment of large quantities of (female) booty, getting booty, banging booty, etc.
1)I've recently converted to bootyism. 2)Since the divorce, I've been able to practice bootyism.
by Steve January 06, 2003

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disturber of the peace

strictly canadian phrase
marcel is a little shit diturber
by steve June 05, 2004

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Good for you. And it's implied that I don't really care.
Sarah talked at agonizing length about when she saw Steven Tyler at Aspen. Julie had heard enough and said 'la dee da'.
by Steve January 20, 2005

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