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a melody, a beat, a tune, a rhyme, a word, a story, a celebration, a plea, an answer, a voice...
she sang a beautiful song.
by star December 06, 2004

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1) A small star.

2) A young aspiring moive star.
The astronomer saw a starlet that no others could see without a telescope.

Many celebrities are refered to as "starlets."
by Star February 19, 2005

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Solo, alone, single
I leave my crew at the crib and roll fidolo.
by Star September 29, 2003

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the illest lightsaber
the rocker of your world.
"Wow Hes a Thiviya, a big thiviya"
by Star December 28, 2004

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A term of endearment used between gay men.
You look simply fabulous in that bomber jacket, poopkins!
by star February 04, 2003

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This is what you call a woman's genitals when they smell really bad.
That girl has a nasty stink wallet!
by Star April 10, 2003

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to vomit and shit at the same time.
when you shuke, you experience the acts of shitting and puking at the same time. Therefore, when you go to shit you vomit everywhere and when you go to puke, you shit everywhere.
by STAR December 18, 2012

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