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term for Albanians used by those familiar with Albanians or Albanians themselves.
Did you see the cute Albo hottie?
by St March 06, 2005
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Holmdel is a town in New Jersey. Holmdel consists of your house, some neighboring houses, Holmdel High School, Holmdel Park, and Hazlet Multiplex. Wait that last one isn't in Holmdel, never mind.
I can't wait to get out of Holmdel
by st November 28, 2004
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short for "What's up gangsta?"
when your meeting someone you say,
"yo what up g"
by st January 03, 2005
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ummm....a store at the mall.......
one of the many places to get clothes and other items at your local mall :)
by ST November 09, 2004
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The act of the penis entering the vagina.

Origin: My boyfriend was so excited one day that he wrote he couldn't wait to be inslide me. Combining slide in and inside.
I can't wait to be inslide you later.
by ST May 08, 2004
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The tip of my boyfriend's cock.
I love sucking on his magic mushroom.
by ST May 08, 2004
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The whitest guitar player alive, a man who plays with ­the feel and emotion of
a wet dishwag.

'God' of ripping off black blues players.
Eric Clapton, 'God' of inadvertently ripping off black blues players without credit.
by st April 21, 2005
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