12 definitions by southparkrox

When an optical computer mouse's pointer decides to fly off into a corner of the screen without your consent.
"I can't find my cursor, my mouse must have derked."
by southparkrox September 21, 2009
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One who follows more people on Twitter than follow them.
He's a Twitter whore, he follows 525 people, but only 104 follow him back.
by southparkrox September 22, 2009
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Someone who's ego is out of control. Examples include: Kanye West, Bono, and your best friend.
"Hey, what's wrong with him today?"

>>"Oh, he's just a gay fish."

"Oh, OK."
by southparkrox October 13, 2009
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When someone with a limited texting plan is about to run out of texts at the end of their billing cycle.
Don't keep texting me, it's my time of the month. I'll go over on texts this month.
by southparkrox August 20, 2009
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(United States)
The 1st Tuesday of random months throughout the year when people go out to vote on things that don't matter to anybody at all.

(2008 United States Presidential Election)
The day 6.5 billion people watched CNN to see The Great Messiah Obama become the 1st black president of The United States of America.
"Who did you vote for last Election Day?"

>>"Who cares? It wasn't the 2008 United States Presidential Election."

"Good point."
by southparkrox October 12, 2009
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The best country on earth!

(No offense other 193 countries...)
"Where do you live?"

>>"The best country on earth! The United States of America!"
by southparkrox October 12, 2009
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The disease with no cure that happens when someone gets The Swine and The Seasonal Flu at the same time.
"I already got The Seasonal Flu, now I think I got The Swine too."

"Dude, you got The Super, you're fucked."
by southparkrox October 12, 2009
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