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The act of sampling information into discrete data structures in order to enable fidelity with respect to subsequent time.

See inverse: writing
See a synonym: inputting
See an antonym: outputting
"Reading...ain't nobody got time for that."
by soloyoloyuppie42 June 23, 2017

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The result of a perception in which all naturally occurring phenomena will comply with each other in a discrete and static manner; (2) the process by which such phenomena are judged. See also: Scientific Method; (3) proof of such judgment; (4. v.) to take such judgment for granted, or, to apply it in practice.
1. "The sky is white!" "Well...Science says otherwise, for now."
2. "We used Science, e.g. verified the current hypothetical coefficients with reality."
3. Genetics provides a formal Science that supports the Theory of Evolution.
4. "Wanna build a robot?" "Fosho, let's science!"
by soloyoloyuppie42 June 21, 2017

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A Touch typing keyboard layout (for Operating Systems) that quickly became the de-facto standard, as it was inherited from the Typewriter. The layout is the three-fold sequence of characters: '"QWERTYUIOP" (top row), "ASDFGHJKL;" (home row), "ZXCVBNM" (bottom-row)'.
1. "Contrary to preventing typewriter jams, QWERTY boasts its ability to typewrite "Typewriter" using only the sequence of its top row keys."
2. "If QWERTY were an alphabet, then the Caesar cipher would conspire that, for key=1 (n-th succeeding alphanumerical digit to said digit), "GIRLS" will decode into one adjective and one emoticon."
by soloyoloyuppie42 June 23, 2017

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