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brain dead, stupid , celebrally challenged, Stems from the flat line response of a dead person from ECG machine.
Chris luton is a flatliner
by Socrates September 15, 2003

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Someone more popular with ladies than others. Doesn't beat around the bush like friends but swoops in and claims for his own. Person is called Swoopsy
'Yeah I was talking to a chick and Swoopsy came in and blagged her straight out!'
by Socrates January 19, 2005

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she loves dianer o'damewoody. and sucks at many things, including but not limited to: pronouncing the word "cat" (cuh--ahhhh---T), concentrating, rerigion, keeping eye contact during long and uninteresting stories, telling boys she likes them to their face as opposed to secret messages and backhanded tricks, the philosophy of cunt, keeping her hands off other people's peanut butter, shutting the door forever after inviting squirrels inside, and talking about ghonorrea on the T. despite her many faults, kari june has a keen talent for glamour bombing and getting accidentally hypnotized at school assemblies. she looks forward to many more swell nights of being an eatbeast with d.damewood.
Kari, this thing is a hoot! GOD your lucky...!
by socrates April 04, 2005

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See gech for formal definition.
Also used as a salutation.

Origin : Word is of gaelic origin and pronounciation may vary by region.
General Sex :
- Dip your gech

As a salutation :
Man 1 : Gach
Man 2 : Gach
Man 1 : Very good, how was .......
by Socrates July 16, 2003

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Talentless, white nerd rapper. He describes him self as 'a future rap star' when 'actively devaluing human existence' would be far more pertinent. Should probably open up a vein or two.
I once downloaded a track by ytcracker and I'm going to have to live with the fact that I'll never get that time back. Cunt.
by socrates March 03, 2005

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