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An ECG is a person who is preppy but ratchet. they may wear old thrift shop button downs or dresses and listen to rap music

The word "ECG" comes from a school in virginia called ec glass. EC glass has groups of Wannabes, Preps, Bimbos, Ratchets, and grungers. EC Glass has the most preppy jocks you will ever meet. Even in the dead of winter they are wearing their button downs with high shorts and think they are cool when in reality they have no life and all they can do is impress their friends.

The bimbos are the freshman girls who are okay looking but put pounds of make-up on and makes them look like bitches and talk about everyone and make rumors because they are bored with their own lame lives, people also call them the plastics. There is a lot or ratchet kids at this school. So ratchet that there is a lot of pregnant kids and there is some white people wearing weaves. Names like (not real people) Bufanda, Le'quiqui, De'quande. Though not all black kids are ratchet, these few people are.

The ECG's at the school dances are a part of a major slut festival. Slutty like at a middle school dance.

Some ecg's are nice but there are those few kids who will tick you off. The kids who always gossip and care about what other people think too much. You will meet them 20 years from now being your bagger at walmart.

ECG is a school in the united states and it stands for Edward Christian Glass but it's mainly called EC Glass
"Will is such an ecg because he is so preppy and acts all rich and gets involved in gossip and is obsessed with Drake."

"Nikki, quit wearing that formal dress with the hole patched with noticeable black fabric all of the time to school. You look like a damn ecg"
by grunger February 28, 2015
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ECG is an underground gang from the east coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. ECGโ€™s meaning is only simple, *East Coast Gang*. The gangs leader is now a girl.
"Hey, did you see that guy from ECG getting chased by the cops?"
"Nah man, them kids are sneaky little rats"
by Isleptwithdad April 20, 2015
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East Coast Goths, a Jersey started gang of emo/punk/goth kids. No rivalry's. huge stoners.Black and Orange flags, Jolly Roger.(pirate flag)known to dabble in the occult.
by Alex February 08, 2005
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The best 7 girls I have met. If you don't know them, you are definitley missing out and you are a FUCKING LOSER
the cult,gang, group, best friends, quick blowjob jk, just some kickass chicks.
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