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The most beautiful city in the US.
With the hills, bay, bridges, cable cars, victorian homes, etc., San Francisco is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the United States.
by socalivy December 07, 2006

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An oftened made fun of, ridiculed, and stereotyped city. In reality, it's a great city. I'm a native Angeleno and I think I would know my city. All that makes LA a fantastic city:

1. Largest city on the West Coast and in California (by far) with a population of 4.1 million according to wikipedia.

2. One of the ten alpha world cities ranked by the GaWC and is the most powerful city and richest city on the West Coast.

3. Probably has the most diverse geographic landscape in the country with mountains, beaches, palm trees, deserts, forests, etc. Where else can one lay out on the beach and in the next hour be hiking in the mountains?

4. One of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, up there with New York City, London, and Toronto.

5. A world class city with plenty of culture- a major center of film, tv, music, science, art, fashion, theater, pop-culture, celebrities, etc. that plays a large role in influencing American culture.

6. A city of extremes from the filthy rich Bel-Air to the dirt-poor Skid Row, all of which are living in the same city.

7. Each community is like its own world in that all of them are so different. Beverly Hills - glamour. Hollywood - young, creative, artsy. Malibu - laid back yet still high maintenance. LA being a sprawling and divided city creates for an extremely diverse environment with many different types of people.

8. Third safest big city in the United States after New York City and San Jose. Los Angeles is mistakenly labeled as the gangster capital of the world. While we certainly have probably the most gangs in our metro area, most of them are located in Compton, NOT part of the City of Los Angeles so it doesn't count. Besides, places like Detroit, Philadelphia, and St. Louis (recently named the most dangerous city in the US) have higher crime rates. LA's crimte rate has been declining over the past couple of years.

9. Smog - yes there is LOTS of smog here. However all cities have smog. Sometimes it is smoggy enough here to fully obstruct the mountains. Sometimes we have crystal clear skies (this week has been very clear).

10. A growing Downtown. Will be much improved in ten years.

11. A growing public transportation system. It only took about twenty years for us to have our current public transit system.

Summary: Los Angeles is a dirty and superficial city. It is actually one of the safest big cities in the US and is the second wealthiest in the US behind New York City. Los Angeles County has the highest number of millionaires in this country. LA is both ugly and beautiful. West Los Angeles (Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades) is beautiful while East Los Angeles (Highland Park, Lincoln Park, Boyle Heights) is rather ugly. For the most part, LA is not too architecturally beautiful but we do have some great buildings in Downtown and West Los Angeles has some of the most impressive suburban private architecture. LA is a very beautiful city once you take in account its geographic location. LA is a diverse, multi-cultured, global, hip, and trendy city. It's a fascinating place unlike no other. It has great weather. It is located in close proximity to other major destinations (San Diego, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Big Bear). It's a multi-facted city. It's not the best city but certainly not the worst.
Los Angeles may not function well as a city, but it still is an influential city in terms of its cultural offerings.
by socalivy December 07, 2006

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A city that is constantly being unfairly criticized and isn't even given a chance. One might actually enjoy what this city has to offer if they so much as have the decency to let go of those annoying and ridiculous stereotypes.

It's a city that many don't understand and that's what's to love about LA. You never know what to expect and anything is possible. It's a place that breaks all the rules to what an actual city is. It is not a collection of suburbs. It is a car dependent city but has a decent metro system and continues to grow as we speak. It is one of the most fascinating cities in the US as it's one of the most ethnically diverse cities in this country, second only to New York City. Research will tell you that. It is also the second wealthiest city in this country, behind New York City. Research will tell you that. Los Angeles County has the highest number of millionaires in this country. Research will tell you that. It has the most diverse geographic landscape of any city in the US because it has the mountains, beaches, and deserts in one area and is all accessible in one day by car. It is not beautiful in terms of architecture but in terms of natural beauty, it is indeed very beautiful. It is a city of extremes, from the multi-million dollar mansions of Bel-Air/Holmby Hills to the poor and homeless district Skid Row. Research will show you that Beverly Hills is not part of Los Angeles, the city nor is Compton. Research will tell you that it is the third safest big city in the US, behind New York City and San Jose. Shall I go on?

The point is, I bet many of you haven't been to LA since the past 5 years and you're basing your opinions on experiences that happened in 2001. No one wants to let go of the damn stereotypes and negative attitudes. Your perceptions of this fantastic city is just out-of-line and ignorant, so much so that it needs to be refuted. Despite all of this animosity, I stand firm on my opinion that LA is one of the most interesting, cultured, hip, trendy, and influential cities in the world. Like it or not. I'll continue to enjoy this great place in which I call home and I think I, a native Angeleno, would understand this city far more than one who ignorantly believes what they want to believe and or what they see through their television screen. Just shows you how powerful and far-reaching Hollywood's influence is on peoples' brains...if they even have a brains.
Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world because it deviates from the norm and continues to fascinate and intrigue.
by socalivy December 04, 2006

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A city that is quite fascinating once you let go of the out-of-line stereotypes and have an open mind.
Wow, Los Angeles is indeed an interesting city and is so much more than what people would have you believe. Don't let the haters influence you, come to LA and allow yourself to have your own opinion.
by socalivy December 04, 2006

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A city with unparalleled strength, influence, and importance. It is a well-rounded, global, hip, trendy, of-the-moment, powerful, important, and cultured city. It is the premiere city of the United States and also the most important. No doubt about that.

It's a city full of arrogant delusional folks who think their city is superior to all others. It's the "center of the universe", the "capital of the world", the "greatest city on earth". They seem to have such pride in their city. So why do they keep talking trash about Los Angeles? I don't know. All the defintions of "Los Angeles" were probably made by New Yorkers who haven't left their city in the past 5 years and still base their opinions on experiences in 2001. They should just admit that they feel threatened by Los Angeles because the gap between LA and NYC is always decreasing.

New Yorkers live in closets in which they paid half their salary on just to live in the provincial nation of Manhattan. Yes, those closets are filled with cheap furniture, people who can't decorate because they don't have the time (being too busy "making it to the top"), and probably never utilize their kitchens as they are always out at night enjoying the nightlife. Its subways are very cruddy. Aside from Manhattan, there is essentially NOTHING to love about New York City and really all of New York State.
Jack- "New York City is the greatest city on Earth!"

Jill- "It's a great city but it doesn't have any natural beauty like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle."
by socalivy December 04, 2006

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