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Usually refered to a person that did something really dumb or something stupid, this doesn't actually mean a person is dumb or a fuck
You spilled it all over my shirt you dumb fuck!
by smart person December 24, 2004
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One having total knowledge
No mortal being is omniscient, though this could be used to state that some person knows almost everything about a thing.
- omniscient God
- the omniscient narrator
by smart person December 24, 2004
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short for negro
wat up ma gro
by Smart person November 07, 2003
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Complete fucking moron that sucks at life and spends his days pittying himself so people will notice him.
Random Loser: "Man I suck at life...."
Smart Person: "OOPS! YOU PULLED A GS68!"
by Smart Person August 20, 2003
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Thou shall not kill. One of the biggest most important commandments that contradicts itself because throughout history more people have been killed in the name of god, than for any other reason or cause. It seems religions don't care if you have to kill, as long as you are doing it for the lord.
Priest: Remember the Sixth commandment, now lets go rid god's world of those Blasphemous unbelievers.
by Smart Person December 18, 2004
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