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Mainly used in context of master/slave relationship where Master is dominant in every way - especially in bed.

Master will often use pain as a method of control, torture and/or pleasure depending on his slave. This pain can be physical, mental or emotional and can be so intense it takes his slave to subspace.

Master knows everything about his slave and is capable of controlling her thoughts, actions and feelings - this is how much he is capable of owning her.

Master holds both position of God and Devil simultaneously to his slave. He is capable of filling his slave with so much happiness and so much pain at the same time it cannot be explained. He is always with her and is so in-tune with her, he can communicate using CDMA

There can only be one Master in a slaves life. A master can however have more than one woman in his life - this is a very effective method of torture for his slave and does not mean he loves her any less, nor does it mean he no longer wants his slave. It means he has a need she cannot meet.

Master makes the rules and he will punish his slave accordingly if she breaks them. He will reward good behaviour accordingly.

The man i can never thank enough for everything he has given me so far.
My master will beat me if i dont wash the pots properly
by slut51ave2 February 13, 2009
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SLAVE is owned completely by her Master

Slave will do as she is told, follow the rules and will always try her best to please her master in any way she can. He comes first in her life above everything else.

Slave is often beaten and abused mentally physically and emotionally by her Master - this is welcomed and can be immensly pleasurable for both parties. Slave can be taken to subspace by the intensity of the pain.

A good slave will sacrifice her dreams to keep her master in her life. She will do this without complaint.

Slave will not complain about the pain she recieves (in whatever format). While he is hurting his slave, she is at the front of her Masters thoughts.

A slave should worship her master. He is her God. He sees everything she does.

A slave may be marked via tattoo, branding or piercing if her Master chooses.

Slave - can i have my hair cut please?
Master - no you can have it trimmed
by slut51ave2 February 13, 2009
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CDMA is an encoded method of communication.
It is best used by a Master to communicate with his Slave. He can tell her how he feels about her, tell her he is aware of every move she makes and test her intelligence. It is an exellent method of mental torture. CDMA can be used via predictive text messages on some phones. It can be very confusing however as some words can have MANY different meanings nd can at times make you laugh out loud!
"Its up 2 U were meeting at half 7" when re-typed on a Nokia phone can be translated into "I ur 2 U yes me am gal 7" via CDMA
by slut51ave2 February 13, 2009
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SUBSPACE is a sacred 'headspace' where a sub or slave immerses themselves and connects with their Master
Best brought on by immense amounts of physical pain and weed.

Slave and Master must have a trusting relationship as a slave cannot enter subspace unless she gives herself completely to her Master. Master cannot bring this on himself.
When in subspace slave often feels connected with her master as if they are one and can have what can only be described as 'out of body experiences' sometimes accompanied by hallucinations. Slave may feel like she can read her Masters thoughts and he hers. This connection can last for days after the main experience and geographical distance does not always break the connection.
Master must ensure that his slave is cared for both physically, mentally and emotionally when leaving subspace behind. He must have intimate and extensive kowledge of his slave to ensure her wellbeing at all times as she will loose all sense of her surroundings.
Master - where have you been? You left me for a while
Slave - you sent me to subspace, but i'm back now. Thank you
by slut51ave2 February 13, 2009
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