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A term used when one really cannot be bothered/wants to/has to do something.
Mum: "Clean yer room."
ME: "Can't be arsed!"
by sleepygamer March 05, 2006

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The Greatest drink ever to be produced, oh sweet Blue sticky stuff, please return and grace my tastebuds once more!
Buddy 1: "Hey man, are you addin some kidn of blue drug to that water 'cos you seem to be addicted to it."
Me: "What?! Drug?! OOOOOOH no... This is Pepsi Blue!"
Buddy 1: "Can I try it?"
Me: "NO! STAY AWAY GET OFF MY BACK!" *run away*
by sleepygamer March 04, 2006

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The greatest word in the english language.

Is most commonly used as an
2.a compliment
3.a cry of anger
4.a statement in general

(5.)Useful for relieving anger.
1. Do that again and I'll rip yer bollocks off and shove em up yer arse.
2. That meal was the (dogs) bollocks man.
3. BOLLOCKS! He cheated!
4. The world is just... bollocks man...
by sleepygamer March 05, 2006

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PSP: Handheld gaming system developed by Sony, a competitor to Nintendo's DS. The PSP is a great handhelp, but suffered a few drawbacks early on. The PSP uses UMD's (Universal Media Disk) to run it's games, which can hold about 1.8 gigabytes of data, more than enough to run a game with great graphics and a large lifespan. The PSP has a varying battery lifespan depending on the game you play, or what other funtions you use, such as watching films or music. A game that has a lot going on with great graphics will have a shorter battery life, wheras a simple puzzler will have a much longer one. The PSP uses a simple, effective memory stick for game saves, music, updates, and anything else that takes your fancy. You do NOT need to buy these to run your PSP, as it functions perfectly well with the 32 megabyte stick provided, or the 1.0 gigabyte stick provided with the Giga Pack. You DO need a larger stick to run the PSP at it's full potential, but it is not nessasary.

Pros of PSP:
-Impressive Graphics
-Built in mp3 player
-Sexy looks
-16.7 million colour LCD display
-Huge Games
-Feels... -right-!
-A portable penis extension (ie, chick magnet)

Pros of DS:
-Dual Screen
-Good battery life
-Good loading times

Cons of PSP:
-Shorter battery
-Bad loading times
-A little expensive for some
-Easily damaged screen

Cons of DS:
-Cheap feeling
-Smaller screens
-Pop up graphics
-Cheap feeling/small stylus
-Overpriced for what you get
-Limited number of games use Dual Screen function
-Most of the owners are 'tendo fanboys
Buddy 1: "Hey man is that the new PSP? Awesome, can I have a go?
Me: "Sure, Lemme just finish this level and save."
Buddy 2: "I wish I had waited a month or two more and bought that instead of the DS."
Me: "Don't feel bad man, once Buddy 1 here is done on it you can have a go and I'll try Mario, okay?"
Buddy 1: "Wow this is awesome!"
Buddy 2: "Yeah!"
Me: "Mario ain't bad, but why do those trees seem so flat?!"
by sleepygamer March 04, 2006

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What you are now. Crazy world eh?
Hey, I just got online and came to urbandictionary.com to read this dumb definition! JOY!
by sleepygamer March 09, 2006

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1. Second Best Amp makers in the world.
2. The makers of my custom Peavy guitar.
1. "Woah! That Peavey amp is almost as good as a Marshall!"
2. "Woah! That Peavey guitar is awesome!"
by sleepygamer March 05, 2006

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A 4-stringed bass guitar is easier to learn than the standard six-string electrc guitar.

A Bass guitar tends to be funky and more rythmical than the electric.
Bass guitarists tend to be dull dull dull dull people. No offence but it is true.

Electric Guitarists tend to be wilder, and generally better looking people (I play guitar and look like a monkey's uncle -.- but who cares).

Drummers tend to be the wildest and least seen!

Singers tend to be able to sing (most of the time) and are the best looking.

In order the groupie listing is as follows.

Singer/lead guitarist- Best groupies, first choice.
Drummer/rhythm guitarist- Good groupies, second choice.
Bass guitarist-Pick of the litter.
by sleepygamer March 05, 2006

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