When you think something is very fun or cool
Man, this is awesome!
by Whereismycookies667 October 27, 2014
The act of being so awesome that you are even more awesome than other awesome people.
by Im a Boss Daddy!!!!! January 25, 2011
When awesome just isn't good enough, usually used in a sarcastic manner and told with an air of insincerity
Brittany: Hey are you running this season?

Joe: No it sucks, I have a stress fracture so i can't.

Brittany: Oh that's awesome awesome, you'll get to spend more time with your friends now!

Joe: Actually no Brittany, I have a stress fracture...
by Dildo Faggins April 5, 2008
caught a good case of awesome.
Whoah, your good. You must have caught awesomeitis.
by williamAustin February 27, 2008
Something or someone that is awesome on a cosmic level.
by Raiken April 22, 2010
this is usually said after someone did something and had a blast Whitewater rafting sex whatever something so good that the just had to say "IT WAS AWESOME"
I just went rafting this weekend......it was awesome
I had anal sex for the first time......it was awesome
Regina george punched me in the face last week....it was awesome
you get the picture
by skyjack_fixer@yahoo.com January 24, 2008