11 definitions by slappy

noun: one who embodies the characteristics of a douche bag.
Etymology- comes from a bastardization of the nuva birth control ring
Dude! Stop hatin' on my game. You're such a nuvo.
by slappy October 29, 2004
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An invisible demon of the underworld that has sythes instead of hands. Is said to be the son Hades and the brother of the Grim Reaper. He walks around Killing anything and everything.
1.I was walki- OW! BUBBA!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! AHHHHHH!!! (death)
2. And then Bubba smote Chronos, and everything was in danger of destruction.
by slappy October 03, 2003
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1. noun - turd. number 2. poop. Mr. Hanky. Specifically, a turd that, no matter how hard you try at completion of deployment, you cannot wipe away it's memory. (anonym would be a one-wiper).
2. verb - the act of performing number 2. Taking a dump. Pinching a loaf.
1. I've gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper as a result of birthing this hudge.
2. After drinking myself silly and gorging on Mexican food last night, I must hudge like a bandit this morning!
by slappy September 29, 2003
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Location in which one takes (or leaves) a hudge (see 'hudge).
I just cleared everyone out of the hudger, dude!
by slappy September 29, 2003
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All knowing, all powerful, kind to his friends, but a terror to those who dare cross him
by slappy September 02, 2003
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"Snoop Dogg's" nickname to a drunk white male over the age of 43. Who could quite possibly be nude as well.
Will Ferrel trying to persuade Snoopaloop and the man in the green hat to go streaking through the quad.
by slappy July 30, 2003
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