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Verb. A side effect of extreme over indulgence in crystal meth or crack cocaine. Tweekers typically perform OCD-like activities centered around finding small quantities of drugs that were inadvertently "misplaced". Tweekers may be seen on all fours, searching in gutters, obsessively looking under various objects and so on. In certain circumstances, extreme tweeking resembles autism or catatonia.
Yo! Check out that tweeking crack ho!
by Slagathor April 23, 2004

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British slang term for a wimpy, emasculated and weak man. In particular, one who complains immoderately.
Ya big girl's blouse! Grow a pair why don't ya.
by Slagathor September 22, 2005

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Manual stimulation of the penis wherein a distinct base to glans uni-directional motion is utilized with the intention of causing rapid ejaculation in an emotionally non-involved manner.
That crazy ho was giving tugjobs out back of the Taco Tico.
by Slagathor September 21, 2005

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Short for Neo-Conservative.
Neo-con freepers ahoy! Load up the 12 gague with rock salt.
by Slagathor January 24, 2005

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Noun. A shortened form of Crack + town that was coined on The Simpsons episode 5F17. Crackton refers to that part of a town or city where the lowest elements of the socio-economic spectrum typically lives. Usually riddled by drug abuse and crime, Crackton contains many pawnshops, needle exchanges, check cashing facilities, family planning centers, laundrymats, pornography distributors, and thrift shops. Crackton is often known by other names including: skid row, junkyville and crackville.
Let's go to Crackton and score some smack.
by Slagathor April 23, 2004

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party people: collective noun for group of people. Sometimes used sarcastically to refer to people who under no circumstances would party, eg. drivers from MA.
Come on party people, learn to drive.
by Slagathor July 14, 2004

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To argue pointlessly with somone whose opinion you neither value nor respect and whose mind you cannot change. Often typified by juvenile insults, recourses to semantic arguments, and abject reductionism.
I'm in a huge Portal of Evil fagdance with a Freeper troll.
by Slagathor March 03, 2004

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