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When you're slamming that girl from behind and you reach around and that titty's just hanging there, that's the bedangle.
I was nailing her ass and got bored, so I decided to play with the bedangle.
by Shaggy July 03, 2004
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Aiza is one of the coolest Canadian's around town. She totally owns the JT and also dominates Hanes HerWay underwear company. If you looked up the word Aiza in the dictionary you would probably find the words, "great, awesome possum, wench, wifeh, totally rad, worship her or die, etc. etc." Oh wait...you just did...
"Hey man, you know that Aiza chick?" "Oh yeah, her, dude, she's so hip she can't see past her pelvis!" "d00d."

Oh Aiza, I know her... now there's a wench!
by Shaggy April 24, 2003
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someonewho is a mother but also is crap at being the mothering type
hey there is my hubberd
by shaggy April 15, 2005
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Word used in clint eastwood films. It is used to exaggerate the word fuck rather than calling him a fuck or fuck head it is made funny by making it a cluster of fuck.
Hey Fat Boy get up off the ground and do something you cluster of fuck (normally said by gym teachers)
by Shaggy February 22, 2005
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The Other Universal Noun (see wordDude and wordChief )

1) An Aquaitance
2) A Good Friend
3) A Bodacious Girl
What's up Tiger?

Whoa Tiger!

Hey Tiger, wheres yo stripes?
by Shaggy May 31, 2003
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From the squeeking noise often emitted from a new pair of shoes, a term for breaking wind.
Ethel: 'What was that?'
Tarquin: 'Sorry dear, you'd better hold your nose - that was my new shoes'
by Shaggy April 19, 2005
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it is derived from the word suave but since it is spelt incorrectly i decided to make up my own version. it means, kind of groovy and cool, hip and wanted by all. so to be shwarve, is the ultimate.
Hey dude, your looking very shwarve today.

Cheers mate, but not as shwarve as that girl over there!
by shaggy January 12, 2006
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