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Schnoid: \Sh"noid\, a. Schnous + -oid. (Zo"ol.) Of or pertaining to the Schnoidea.
-- n. One of the Schnoidea.

term "schnoid" implies computer use. A "Computer Nerd" is a schnoid. Note that this computer use must be nerdy in order to constitute schnoidism. Thus, one who stays up late at night playing Dungeons and Dragons is not necessarily a schnoid, while one who tweaks around with the source code and programs Dungeons and Dragons is. Someone who has to find eigenvalues on the computer for pChem is not a schnoid, but someone who is not in the class but tries to find those eigenvalues as a way of blowing off time most definitely is a schnoid.

(see for references)
That dude over there is a total schnoid, all he does all day is sit at his computer and try to h4x0r the crap out of the the D&D source code.
by schnoid February 23, 2005
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To act irrational while behaving in a paranoid manner. To become paranoid. To bug or flip out, usually after smoking pot.
He began to schnoid after smoking the large doobie.
by shaggy September 12, 2003
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