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Miles Edgeworth, the best prosecutor from the Ace Attorney series; currently chief prosecutor.

He is very obviously gay and wears a magenta suit with a fabulous frilly cravat.

He is notorious for updating autopsy reports at the worst possible moment in a trial.

He has unnecessary feelings (a crush obviously) for the series protagonist, defense attorney Pheonix Wright. It is not so subtly hinted that Wright reciprocates these feelings, given that the entire reason Wright became a defense attorney is because he was inspired by Edgeworth when they were childhood friends and also seems to love Edgeworth a significantly more than is normal for hetero bros.

He has a past of using some questionable techniques to get a guilty verdict (again because of von Karma), but thanks to his bud Phoenix, he now is the most honest and noble prosecutor, constantly pursuing justice.
Galleryperson 1: "Is it just me, or do the defense and prosecution seem rather friendly even though they are technically against each other?"
Galleryperson 2: "Of course, it's Wright and Edgeworth. They see themselves as a team that works to find justice instead of as enemies. They want to make sure that the defendant gets the right verdict, not the verdict that benefits each of them respectively."
Galleryperson 1: "I know, but it seems like more than that, almost like they are together or something. I mean, have you seen the looks they give each other? Normally, Edgeworth's glare alone terrifies a defense attorney, but when he looks at Wright, it almost seems... softer. Wright is known for his confident, charismatic smile that can make you believe even the most obvious bluff, but with Edgeworth he looks like there is a deeper emotion behind it, something much more personal."
Galleryperson 2: "Now that you mention it, I can definitely see what you mean. Those two always seem much closer than a normal pair."
Galleryperson 3: "Oh, are you talking about Wright and Edgeworth? Yeah, they gay af."
by a super credible source July 24, 2018
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A prosecutor in the videogame series Ace Attorney. He is a rival and friend of the man character Phoenix Wright, and, contrary to popular belief, he is not homosexual.
Miles Edgeworth is so badass he wears a freaking cravat!

Miles Edgeworth is freaking awesome!
by Jodran November 27, 2007
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A suburb located west of Newcastle, NSW. Known to attract bogans, individuals with a fondness for monster truck wheels, 'undecided' stickers and bad haircuts.
Edgeworthians frequent the local McDonald's and speak of neighbouring areas such as 'Killy', 'Elly' and 'Westy'. Anything that can be shortened and ends with the 'e' sound is perfect for the Edgeworthian.

One main attraction for visitors to the area is the fake grass on the median strip of Main Rd Edgeworth.
No example for needed for Edgeworth
by ohleiohleiheho November 17, 2008
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A british prosecutor who is extremely homosexual. Many fangirls believe him to love Phoenix Wright, but he really loves a detective named Dick Gumshoe.
Edgeworth is gay
by EdgeworthHumper July 01, 2011
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