v. To inject drugs intravenously. See also shoot up, bang

Like booting up a computer, when one boots up drugs, they start up, turn on, wake up to the world.
Once we figured how to extract DXM from cough syrup, we immediately mixed it with meth and shot it up.

S: "This is my goal in life: To boot up DXM!"
by Holly-Day February 3, 2004
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1.a request to engage in fisticuffs 2.to acknowledge a physical challenge (fight) synonym - knuckle up; usually yelled in the club to someone that is acting like they want to fight.
(phrase originated in night clubs in New Orleans in the early 90's)
1.Boot up or shut up!
2. You betta boot up or everybody is gonna think you a pussy.
by kidcreole January 25, 2005
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to get loud, obnoxious or unruly with someone over something
when she saw her man with the stripper from the club, Tay Tay booted up........it was not pretty.

"don't make me boot up" the drunk yelled to the bouncer.
by jetck1 October 14, 2005
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a sex position in which the person girl ass in the air but the guy is fucking her in her pussy!,

a demanding way to ask for rough, careless sex
Davon:"Man is you gon boot up or what
Angelica:"yes boy daym"
Davon:"that wat i thot"
by Ahmayzeing Jackson May 21, 2010
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1.Shawty booted up!
2. Man, I just got that shit from Clinton Ave. we about to boot up
by Rep ROC February 17, 2018
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Booted up with a weapon, having guns or some type of weapon
“We not lacking over here we booted up
by DUBH0E September 26, 2020
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Booted up is like another way of saying cooling it or hanging out with your friends
Me and my niggas booted up
by Glob@l stunna January 12, 2017
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