289 definition by scott

To imply a tone or attitude in conversation.
Hey, watch your tonage...
by Scott March 25, 2005

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1. Gnar
2. Someone in the style of out of style
3. Not giving a fuck and being on top of their game about it.
4. In skateboarding, fresh, or a trick with a lot of hype.
"Oh my God Scott was throwing down some hesh style today"

"Check out that hesh gear he's got on, that's gnar"
by Scott March 09, 2005

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A word to describe a really stupid person.
That dude's an E Brain.
Started in 1970 to discribe people that don't use common sense.
by Scott February 07, 2005

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Any activity involving 3 or more people or 2 or more cars.
I tried to meet those guys at the movies but it all turned into a big cluster fuck
by scott January 17, 2004

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1)a yoyo
2)a small vibrator
3)a small back packing stove
1)i was playin with my pocket rocket all day yesterday

2)i was playin with my pocket rocket all day yesterday

3)i used my pocket rocket to cook dinner last night on the hike
by scott January 03, 2004

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dick,pecker,penis,wanker Made from 15 year old cajun boy who had a little too much to drink
Dammit boy put your pazookie back in your pants!
by Scott August 26, 2004

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to chill
Whats up? Just fraggin
by Scott December 05, 2003

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