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The spot of all spots on a woman - if touched right can make you squirm all night long, and if he or she knows what there doing can make you have the best orgasim possible - multiples if you please.
I thought I knew how to touch myself until he did it and oh my god I wanted to cum right then - get someone who knows what there doing - i did
by sanchez June 20, 2003

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a sexual act where one fingers one's partner's anus and then gives oneself or one's partner a mustache with the filthy finger
That Jessica's such a slut - she's given half the boys in school a filthy sanchez.
by Sanchez August 13, 2004

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New Shoes that are ill. See example below
Sam: Obviously you are obliviouse to the spectation of my newest shoes, in the hood they would call these "kicks".

Bob: That is correct my hip gangster from Harvard. "You are off the chain", so to speak.Those are the "tightest kicks i have ever seen". For shezzy My Neezy
by Sanchez April 26, 2004

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A saying that guys will yell at girls with nice knockers in order to get them to show their tits.
Them things are huge, you outta dump 'em out
by sanchez September 19, 2004

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A website that produces porn videos involving some guys going out to pick up chicks for a false purpose and then slowly urge them to have sex. Popular amongst rape fanatics, few people know that the thing is actually completely staged. Then they end up leaving the girl in a very remote place far away from home.
Why is it staged? Mainly because, doing anything like that is completely illegal, its practically kidnapping and almost rape. After all the 40-50 chicks they got you'd think of em would go to the police or something, the website is extremely popular and well known. None of the girls ever cry either, its like every single one of them is completely willing.
by Sanchez December 05, 2004

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Comes from the saying "everything about her is hott but her face."
That girl has a nice ass, but she is a wicked butter face.
by sanchez September 19, 2004

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some one who swallows
by sanchez September 08, 2003

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