The Parish refers to St Bernard Parish, a poor and undereducated county just east of New Orleans.

Really, you have to say, "da Parish" in a half Brooklynese/half Southern accent, typical of yats around the area.
"Cher, I'm headed out ta the Parish for a Crawfish bewl before the Saints game"
by sanjuro_kurosawa November 11, 2013
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Beautiful boy. Very helpful and smart. It is always good to have a Parish in your life
I love you Parish
by Urban king of the streets March 27, 2019
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Some Louisianians grow up not knowing that other states in the US call parishes "counties."

He couldn't attend an Orleans parish public school with his friends because his parents moved to Jefferson parish.
by CreoleQueenSuppin August 9, 2009
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When attaining a level of drunk in where you are ready to hook up with absoulutelye anybody, this word is close reltive of leet or chill.
Yo im soooo fuckiung drnk right now! LEET OR THEN CHILL OR MAYBE PARISH?!?!?!?!?1
by BASKING RIDGE May 23, 2009
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adj - The worst story teller in the history of story tellers.
Frederick: "One day I got on a big fucking bus that smelled of hot piss and nasty, hot air. I promised myself I would never do it again, but two days later I found myself on that fucking shitmobile. Then, as I came to a hault..."
Clarice: God damnit, Frederick. You are being such a parish! No one gives a rat's ass!"
by Alice Wonderland December 21, 2005
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