In the early days of opera, womyn were not allowed to sing in public, not even in a chorus. How to fill in the female roles in opera? Pick a choir-boy with a great voice that has not yet deepened, by consent of their parents, perform a little operation on them, removing the testicles.

Results? Without the hormones needed for adulthood, their voices remained sopranos and altos while their chests and lungs matured regularly, their voices combined male power with female beauty. Now they were able to successfully pull off female roles onstage.

Today, this practice is illegal.
Farinelli was the most legendary castrato... history says these things, but can it make you believe them?
by Sam October 29, 2004
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Castrato is a man or boy who has had his nut-sack chopped off so that he does not produce any man-juice and therefore is basically a girl with a penis. They sing like little girls and look like a giant torso with 2 inch thick but 7 foot long legs and 1 inch thick and 3 foot long arms. even though they were seen as freaks because they were simply sick freaks they were nonetheless loved for their singing abillity but still hated for absolutely everything else.
I never have seen one but I was told that the Italian opera uses Castrato singers which are really just nutless men who can sing like a woman or even a little girl.
by saharadryhumor December 31, 2014
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