28 definition by sTeALtH

Used when one is distressed or upset. Can also be used in anger. The person being told most likly is the same age or younger than the one saying it.
Shit son, this shit is mad homosexual.
by Stealth July 15, 2003

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Cockhead means the following !!
It means if your reading this and have wasted your time looking for the word cockhead then your one big cockhead COCKHEAD
ahh a glass of orange juice mm vitamin c very important o no COCKHEAD dnt drink that its alcohol free i mean vitamin C free drink this COCKHEAD man drinks straight vodka falls on floor and dies
by Stealth June 05, 2004

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Ibrahim the christmas turk
Ibrahim kaniki
by Stealth January 30, 2003

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Calculus is awesome!
The limit as all y'all approach Calculus is equal to infinity, according to L'Hopital's Rule.

All of y'all probably don't know how to integrate dx/(x²+1)^3/2 or arcsin x dx from 0 to 1.

Derivatives also rock my world! f(x) = 4x³... f'(x) = 12x²... What is the second derivative of f(x) = 12x^4? Figure it out yourself, I'm not gonna tell you.

by Stealth January 22, 2005

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A boody dance that insane people do.
"Hey, can you do the wyatt for me? I'll give you a dollar."
by Stealth January 19, 2005

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spanish for cocaine
Rush rush, got the yeyo?
Buzz buzz, gimme yeyo
Rush rush, got the yeyo? Uh oh
Yo yo, no no yeyo, uh oh
by sTeALtH November 17, 2003

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Synonym for breasts] or boobs].

Etymology: from boy-balls, or testicles].
"Wow, her girl-balls are SO fake."
by Stealth February 28, 2005

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