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I don't really feel like writing a definition..
I have to use the word Apathy in a sentence? Ugh..
by ryan y September 17, 2005

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To have sex with a fat girl.
I know this guy named Phil who likes climbing hills.
by ryan y May 22, 2006

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1. The theory that an omniscient being plays a vital role in the workings of the universe and is the explanation of all things (including but not limited to the origins of life itself) that have not yet been fully proven.

2. A subtle way for creationists, particularly Christian extremists, to inject their religious ideas in to the public school systems and scientific community.

Although the theory of intelligent design is defended with rhetoric about how evolution is also only a theory (thusly giving right for other theories to be taught as well), one key thing is different- the implied meaning of the word theory. Evolution is not a theory. It is a scientific theory. Scientific theories are not plain "I think this is why this works" theories, they are "I think this is why this works, and here's the lowdown on how it works" theories.

Scientific theories are attempts to explain through experimentation and observation the workings of the universe, whereas intelligent design is a theory with no supplied (let alone proven) hypothesis. This is also known as speculation. Furthermore, if at any time in the future there is a supposed hypothesis for intelligent design, it would be immediately discredited due to it's superstitious roots. If all speculation were to be credited as scientifically valid, well, just take a look at the flying spaghetti monster theory.

Intelligent design has been rejected by the scientific community since the 1800's, and regardless of what our political leaders or the mass media or religious leaders (assuming they're all separate people) say, intelligent design was and always will be speculation. It is because of the loose interpretation of the word theory that intelligent design has been seen by creationists as a loophole in vocabulary, thusly (in their mind) justifying suggesting it as scientifically valid. Which it's not.

Get over it.
"String Theory" is speculation because its hypothesis has not yet been proven through demonstration.

"Set Theory" has been proven through endless mathematical examples and is practiced by pretty much everything and everyone on a daily basis.

"Theory of Evolution" has been proven through observation that if an animal does not produce offspring, its species' overall gene pool has been slightly altered. Logical deduction concludes, that over a long period of time, this 'weeding-out' of the gene pool can ultimately alter the species itself. (Also known as "Natural Selection").

"Theory of Intelligent Design" is speculation because it never did and never will offer a hypothesis. It is a clever word to mask the statement "God made you and that's that. To argue or explain God is to be against God and therefore against one's own nature. This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the government of the United States of America."
by ryan y September 14, 2005

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Not to be confused with the compound word girlfriend, a "girl friend" (two words) is a girl who is your friend, but not a girlfriend.

Every guy should have a girl friend. A good girl friend is just like one of the guys, except a girl. Also, if you're going through shit with your girlfriend then it's nice to know you have a female on your side.

Girl friends don't have to be unattractive, either. But keep in mind that a girl friend shouldn't be confused with a romance interest you're trying to buddy-up first-- Girl friends remain strictly really good friends, even best friends.
My girlfriend dumped me because she thinks I lack the ability to be affectionate.

My girl friend Heather says that my (ex)girlfriend is just a stupid nympho and I'm perfectly date-able. Then we drank some beer and played Super Smash Bros.
by ryan y February 22, 2006

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In the video game series "The Legend of Zelda", the Master Sword is the sword you need to get in order to defeat Ganon, the porcinous King of Evil. The Master Sword may only be pulled from its pedestal by a righteous and courageous person. Link, an orphan boy who gets involved in the plot by happenstance/coincidence turns out to be this chosen person, and after proving himself to the gods, he is allowed the Master Sword and uses it to challenge Ganon.

The Master Sword is not only a sword though. In the storyline for "Ocarina of Time" it acted as a key, and its pedestal was the lock. Upon removing or inserting the sword from the pedestal, you could travel back and forward in time by about seven years. In the storyline for "A Link to the Past", the Master Sword shoots a magical energy beam out of the end when Link is full on life energy. In all storylines involving the Master Sword, major enemies (including Ganon) attempt to fire evil magic beams at Link intending to kill him. This is where the Master Sword comes in handy; it is immune to evil, and can be used to deflect the evil away from Link, most of the time back at its caster.

The Master Sword is commonly referred to as "The blade of evil's bane". Tragically, upon pulling the Master Sword from the pedestal, the ancient seal on Ganon's magic is broken, and he only becomes stronger. Such is the fate of Link, Ganon, and Princess Zelda.
"Its power is gone, and its edges are dull!"
- Ganon, taunting Link about the Master Sword
by ryan y February 16, 2006

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Mischevous and often counter-productive behavior.
See tomfoolery, douchebaggery.
Stop this nonsense; this tomfoolery, this.. this.. this ballyhoo!
by ryan y February 22, 2005

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One who practices discordianism.
Ask not what a discordian IS, but rather what ISNT a discordian.
by ryan y February 23, 2005

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