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In the dice game craps, when the come out roll is a ten. Any combination ie; 5+5, 6+4, 4+6 it is called big dick or at any time a ten is rolled someone might say there is big dick
Common shooter, where is big dick, common dice big dick, no seven
by rucus11 August 15, 2009

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Term used for an unusual, different or strange individual.
Origin unknown
The new guy at work sure is an odd duck, he never takes a break.
by rucus11 December 12, 2009

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1 Cold to the point of being painful to touch. Associated with cold and hard as ice.
2 An object that cannot be made warm
3 An inanimate object devoid of feeling or desire.
I spent of a frosty January in the panhandle of Idaho, it was colder than a nun's thigh.
by rucus11 September 17, 2009

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A very high degree of stress. Stressed almost to the breaking point. Human condition generally associated with mental stress. Sometimes treatable by cessation of work.
I am not sure what was wrong with my boss, she came into work Monday, wound tighter than a two dollar watch, yelling at everyone.
by rucus11 September 23, 2009

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A feeling of great anxiety or being ill at ease, Out of one's element.
A fear of spiritual reprisal.
Waiting for a confrontation.
When the boss called me into her office, I was as nervous as a whore in church.
by rucus11 October 28, 2009

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When erect the male penis is totally uninhibited. To be blinded by desire or lust
The groom sadly understood the adage a standing cock has no conscience while attending his own shotgun wedding
by rucus11 September 25, 2009

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Most often used by parents on the hands and faces of children to remove smudges. Rubbing with a saliva dampened handkerchief is the most common method.
Our three year old ate a chocolate ice cream cone, I performed a quick spit wash before his Mom saw him.
by rucus11 November 04, 2009

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