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Best described as a torrent of little children running around in a minefield (users), some armed with weapons (moderators), forums are the flagship of internet discussion, spam, and flame wars.
Smaller forums tend to be more habitable, but the larger ones have many distinct and similar features. For example, within approximately seven seconds of the creation of a topic, you will have at least one reply, garunteed. Large forums also tend to spawn makeshift caste systems within themselves, and you're automatically a malefactor in the forum until you have a 4-digit post count.
A forum can sometimes be helpful, but normally they become a time consuming and frustrating thing if you pay too much attention to them.
I got banned from that forum for being a n00b.
by rtil July 23, 2005

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The internet's largest garbage dump.

Chock-full of videos, media and games that you already saw 5 weeks ago, but obviously not that sickeningly fat kid sitting next to you laughing his ass off. Because he's getting his daily dose of OFN at eBaums.

Comes complete with spyware.
Did you see the Numa Numa dance on eBaums?! OMG it's SO AWESOME!!! LOL!!!
by rtil March 27, 2005

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A man with feminine qualtiies who still likes women, or, to put it more crudely, a male lesbian.
Dang, that kid is such a mesbo. I hate how all the ladies hang on him.
by rtil June 30, 2005

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A suffix that people who want to associate themselves with MTV-fueled facades to make them feel like they are on this earth breathing for some haphazard reason use to create more stupid niches in the teen world.

Add almost any noun or adjective to the beginning of "Xcore", and you've got yourself some individuality. Or not.
That kid is so hardXcore. I heard he started a mosh in the supermarket. That's groceryXcore right there. Damn I am so creative, I just made up another Xcore. Gotta go make a myspace group for it now.
by rtil July 21, 2005

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A show on Adult Swim about a guy named Tom who just moved to a small town and has lots of interesting ideas for the mayor. Cheap animation, but funny stuff anyway.
Community Spirit! Food!
by rtil March 27, 2005

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A crudely drawn cartoon by the creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Matt Maiellaro. There is no feasible plot, but it follows a mouse's life which consists mainly of stealing things, drinking, blowing things up, and attempting to kill his boss.
Most people hate this show because they find the animation - children's drawings with 2-frame walk cycles - to be really cheap. But some forget that Maiellaro makes the entire show himself, and suffice to say he's not as much of an artist as he is a producer. And Adult Swim isn't much into defining new benchmarks of quality in the animation world either. 12 Oz Mouse has an awkward sense of humor and most will not appreciate it.

Shows up on the opening credits as Oz Mo
Man, 12 Oz Mouse is weird, but I like it.
by rtil July 20, 2005

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A popular RPG based in IRC.

Unlike other RPG's where you interact with your character, IdleRPG is a new breed of roleplaying in itself.

Upon registering, the goal of the game is to sit and idle. The longer you idle, the more experience points you gain and levels you increase. Quitting, talking and the like is forbidden and induces penalties.

Your character wanders aimlessly around a map with other players in the channel, picks up items, prays to their mystical gods, goes on quests for sacred items and experience and even battles other players. But all you do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Despite it seeming this game would be boring because of its lack of interactivity, on the contrary it is quite possibly the most entertaining RPG to ever be created.
<player> alright level 57! only 32 days left until the next level :)
-idlebot- 1 day, 11:08:36 added to your clock for talking.
<player> son of a
by rtil March 14, 2005

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