Used as a term of endearment towards a friend or acquaintance. (Pronounced Gaw)
"Yooo, what up Gau?" or "Yo son, how you livin' Gau?"
by Jonny B Crazy August 14, 2008
Is a slang term often used to describe somebody with the mental aptitude of a 'big titty anime bitch'
"That was such a Gau thing to do", as an alternative to, " That was such a brain dead thing to do, are you some sort of big titty anime bitch"
by XXXtraLongShlong May 7, 2019
Gau is when you're gay but not really and you are depressed and ugly ;)
You are too gau! That's why you're still single and have no friends!
by ImLucyciombor January 13, 2019
An unorthodox way of using the word gay
"That guy asked mark out he's so gau"
by Cyrup August 17, 2018
Größter Anzunehmender Unfall, (trans: Maximum Credible Accident) is a German term used for nuclear accidents at approximately International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) - Level 4. Nuclear holocaust or Chernobyl would be a Super-GAU. Colloquially equivalent to WCS (worst case scenario), or when shit hits the fan.
When, whilst you are watching a mushroom cloud rise on the horizon that ugly girl from last weekend's party calls to tell you that you got her pregnant and that she probably gave you herpes, you know you are experiencing a Super-GAU.
by pme25 October 13, 2010
Unconsensual feeling of lust towards a male that seems female.

Or you just accidentally hit the U key instead of Y
confound it I have GAU again
by Shaun Evans October 9, 2020