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1. A leading term used by many as Big Beautiful Woman.
2. An empowering alternative and politically correct description for the plus size woman as opposed to the derogatory term of Fat.
3. A woman who is over the so called weight standards.
The women at this fashion club have too many issues, I heard the women at the BBW clubs are cool.
by Rico June 30, 2004

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The pure admiration or sexual attraction of barefeet. Usually pertaining to men who can become sexually aroused from the sight of any part of women's feet(including, toes, arches and soles.
Maria told gina the reason the shoe salesman loves his job is because he has a foot fetish.
by Rico June 30, 2004

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aka disturbing tha peace

the best rap label in the world, also owns the holidae in. Ludacris owns it, chingy is a member too.
causin confusion, disturbin tha peace
by rico November 16, 2003

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the ridged gap between the end of the genatalia and the anus, sexually sensitive and shrouded in anatomical mystery
"It goes without saying that Marlon Brando has the sweatiest geish in showbusiness"
by Rico January 24, 2003

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another word for a friend or youngin
fo shizzle this young bul is the off the heezy
by Rico September 01, 2003

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Odd term applied to certain members of the inhabitants of the Netherlands.
These people are generally looked up to in some way or another.
"Hahaha! You're my number one Dutchtica!"

"Can't you see the difference between them and that Dutchtica?"
by Rico June 25, 2003

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Home Depot stores, sometimes used as a name for other big box hardware/home supply stores.
I went to The Borg to buy a nail gun
by Rico September 12, 2003

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