18 definitions by Rico

What you get from a girl when you grab the back of her head and cry MOUF!
::grabs back of random girl's head::
by Rico April 27, 2004
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n. Crazy. Not mentally stable or sane.
Holy hell! That guy was acting like a fucking ScottyDog or something!
by Rico July 16, 2004
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The word for a really funky pimp!
yo check dat pimpinhimer hes one fly cat

that pimpinhimer does the job right
by Rico September 20, 2003
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The devil of computer science. With his gullable remarks and stupid ass banter, he is a disgrace to the world of higher education. Uses words like "Oh Sugar."
Hanham: "Oh Sugar!"
Student: "What?"
Hanham: "I don't know what I'm DOING!!! OHHHHHHHH!"
Student: "Why am I here..."
by Rico February 10, 2005
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where chingy, ludacris (AKA Mr. Giggles), and snoop do tha ho's and 4 of your friends, sippin on some hen, and have ho-tel parties.
by Rico November 16, 2003
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the ridged gap between the end of the genatalia and the anus, sexually sensitive and shrouded in anatomical mystery
"It goes without saying that Marlon Brando has the sweatiest geish in showbusiness"
by Rico January 24, 2003
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