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1) Another term for "spaz". Unlike weird or disabled / special needs people, it's used for people with aphasia due to TBI, stroke, or other brain related injuries.

2) Someone who has severe trouble speaking or expressing oneself due to stroke.

3) An offensive term for people with aphasia due to stroke or brain related disorder / damage affecting language.

4) A term to entitle someone who speaks a few word / 1-2 word or simple utterances due to Broca's aphasia / stroke.

5) A term to entitle surviving gunshot victims who have been shot in the head who have trouble speaking normally.

6) One who is nearly non-verbal, barely able to speak, or communicate because of haltering speech due to a stroke, TBI, or Brain injury, such as a gunshot to the head.
Derek: "Yo John! Did you see those Gabby Giffords rehab videos?"

John: "HOLY FUCK! Yeah man! Seeing those videos, I'm like..WOAH! Dude! She was totally fucked up after she was shot in the head! The way she speaks nowadays, she's such a fucking Faz!"

Derek: "Dude! You mean Spaz?"

John: "No man! It's like Spaz for Spastic, except Faz is for Aphasia!"

Derek: "Oh Aphasia? Isn't that a language disorder due to a fucking stroke or whatnot?"

John: "Yeah man! It can happen to anyone who's brains get fucked up! A Faz!"
by ribetab March 10, 2012
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Threatening to shoot someone in the head like congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, who got shot

(in the head at close-range) along with a dozen

other people in the tragic Tuscon, Arizona shooting.
Bank Robber: "Put the fucking cash in the bag! Do it now and make it quick, or I'll shoot you in the head like the fucking congresswoman!"
by ribetab January 10, 2011
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As a way of saying what's happening during a season, as of now, but now as in the present season (within any month of fall, etc.).
October (Fall) 2011.

Ian: One of these days we should go to one of those island singles resorts. I dunno how soon it'll be, but in the seasonal meantime, let's get together for the next Celtics game.

Seth: Sweet! I'm down!
by ribetab August 27, 2012
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1.) A woman who's remained a widow throughout the rest of her life, esp. up until old age. One who's husband died more than 2 decades ago, at a young age never making it to old age. A widow who's lost her husband a long time ago.

This term also refers to widow Nina Von Stauffenberg, who died in 2006 at the age of 92, within less than 62 years after her husband, late german nazi soldier Klaus Von Stauffenberg was killed in 1944 at age 36.
Zac: My maternal grandmother just had her 89th birthday last week.

Chris: Didn't you have a maternal grandfather? Like, wasn't she married?

Zac: She was married. I never knew my grandfather. He died in 1967. My grandmother never remarried.

Chris: DUDE! You've got to be kidding me, right! She's like a fucking Veteran Widow!
by ribetab July 30, 2010
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