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to have revenge, in italian
"we'll have our vendetta, soon"
by remy July 10, 2004
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1.) A popular animé and manga with an emphasis on car racing, specifically drifting techniques.

2.) One of the most popular arcade games all over the world, named, and modeled after the animé/manga.

It allows players to save their car's tuning information on a credit-card-sized magnetic card.

Each new version of the game (currently, there are three) features new cars, new tracks, new conditions, improved physics, and better balancing of the cars.
Check out any book store, and you'll probably find the (somewhat butchered) Tokyopop translation of the manga.

In most video game stores, or any stores selling animé, you should be able to find the animé series.

And the game can be found in any decently large arcade. (Initial D is one of the most expensive arcade machines, ranking up with Bemani machines)
by Remy April 23, 2004
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To hold and fire two guns, one in each hand. Most often seen with handguns, or compact sub-machine guns.

This is not only the correct term, but also the original, and oldest term for this.

However, Dual-Fisting is the term (created by the Halo community) that
is the most popular and widely accepted.
The best example is Counter-Strike's dual elites.
by Remy April 22, 2004
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When two lesbians have sex. Nothing goes in or out, just a lot of bumping of things.
Paula and this slut went to play bumper cars...and I watched them play all night...
by Remy November 08, 2004
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A doofer is a remote but is mainly used by people asking for it when they cant be stuffed too walk the meter to get it themsleves
not very commonly used for this definition but its still used by my cousin
hey Remy pas us the doofer
by Remy May 08, 2005
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The male equivalent of a manicure. Typically consisting of liquor consumption with several friends or any outing consisting entirely of malecentric activities. Usually, the only females to be found are strippers.

The end result is that the man is refreshed, invigorated, and ready to return to everyday life.
Joe: Hey, Bill, watchu been up to?
Bill: Same ol' shit, work sucks, wife's a bitch.
Joe: Ah, the swansong of the fallen. You need a mancure, my friend!
by Remy June 03, 2009
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one who is named after alcohol yet drinks not. full name of Remington (r-em-ING-ton) knows well of bsb and favors over nsync
remy wants to go to the bsb concert.
by Remy February 26, 2003
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