Good head is when yo stuff dick get sucked so good that you can’t nut for another year
Male 1: how good is that head she gave you last night
Male 2: that shit was some good head my nigga
by Plz don’t hate September 20, 2018
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A top bloke , when you complement someones head you complement their soul essence. Good head is the best compliment you can give someone
Hey man thanks for saving my entire family you have a good head

by xXSwaglord6969Xx October 27, 2014
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A good-natured but sarcastic jibe between friends or associates.
"Whoops, I thought that two plus two made five. I know now that it's four."

"Derr! Good head!"
by Kris Schroeder April 28, 2008
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Adjective/Noun Used to describe a girl who has a face that you would really, really like to see giving you head. Way more than a regular girls face.
by DKM April 10, 2006
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What happens when i meet up with your mother every tuesday.... cock goin up....... on a tuesday
damn bitch... you giving a good head
by BallmyLick February 11, 2016
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