Sexy Bad Boy. A really hot guy who looks like a sexy badboy and doesn't care what other people think. He can have anything/anyone he wants whenever he wants. He's usually between the ages 18-30. He's tanned, tall and has messy hair and often (not always) a really preppy style mixed with badboyish. He's got status, the jaw and most importantly, the confidence.

SBB was first used in Sweden, Malmö to name all the preppy sexy bad boys that belongs to this cetrain gruop. It takes a lot to be a real SBB, it comes naturally and they have to be popular. SBBs are often players.

A few SBBs: Pierre and Andrea Casiraghi, Brody Jenner, Brad Pitt (In Fight club), Geoffroy Jonckheere, Ben Hill, Lars Burmeister, Carl Philip Bernadotte.
"Check out that SBB to your left "
"He's totally a SBB."
"I saw the definition of SBB last night"
by Swedishgirls August 5, 2009
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S.B.B (surprise big bottom)

When a girl has a really skinny torso, but when you see her hips and ass it's huge. Always seems like a surprise.
That girl looked hot from across the bar, but when she turned around the corner, oh no! SBB. Abort.
by cachemoney August 30, 2010
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Sex Before Breakfast
Being so horny when you wake up that you can't wait till after breakfast to get your groove on.
Usually precedes an exceptionally good day.
Hey baby, it'd be a shame to waste this good morning wood, fancy SBB?
by iMacThere4iAm April 21, 2007
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Man he's lookin like a true sbb
Stop bein a little sbb
by Doin your Mom August 18, 2010
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SBB, short for snowboarding buddy. it is two people who travel the united states searching for crisp snow, and prime conditions. SBB's are usually bored with everest, and are moving on to boarding different planets. they are usually bffls?
a holly. a ben.

"holly and ben love to snowboard all around the united states making them SBB for life."
by Ben Abrahamovich December 1, 2006
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Second Base Buddy
When more than one person hit second base with the same girl at the same time. Only sluts let guys do this to them.
man 1- yeah second base with her last night was fiiiiine.
man 2- yeahhhh next party we're doing that again SBB!
by toblerone123 March 6, 2009
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That is one wild sbb, she'll swallow it all
by taz'er March 19, 2010
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