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1. Somebody on the right side of the political spectrum.

2. A person that doesn't believe in equal rights.
Conservatives like to blast liberals for their views, despite the fact that they are only trying to make the country a better place for ALL of its citizens, not just the wealthy.
by redhed311 April 29, 2005

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St. Louisan for "wash".
I'm going to warsh my car.

Warshington University is in St. Louis.
by redhed311 April 11, 2005

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Also known as a booger.
Hey, check out my collection of magical nose goblins!
by redhed311 May 03, 2005

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An expression used when someone is whining incessantly.
Call a waaambulance for that spoiled brat, or she'll need a real one before long.
by redhed311 May 03, 2005

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Bottled spring water that one purchases.
In the summer, the pretentious couple drinks yuppie water instead of going to Starbucks.
by redhed311 April 14, 2005

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Another term for a fermata.
When you see a bird's eye above a note, be sure to watch the conductor.
by redhed311 August 30, 2005

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The phrase "wait a minute" slurred together.
"Honey, it's time to wake up!"
by redhed311 May 03, 2005

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