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In classical music.
A bird's eye, be cautious on the fermata in orchestral music.
Is used in a) orchestral music and b) solo music.
a) Bob saw a fermata on the next note, so he made sure to look up at the conductor to know when to stop playing that note.
b) Bob saw a fermata on the next note, so he made sure to indicate to his accompianist when the next note was to be played.
by Suchuaato December 06, 2007
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Definition 1: Watch the conductor.

Definition 2: Seriously, watch the conductor.

Definition 3: Please, for the sake of good old grandmother Margie who's had 5 heart attacks and 7 strokes yet still pushing through to the ripe old age of 972, watch the gosh darn director.
The music sheet showed the Fermata symbol, so I watched the conductor to see when I should stop!
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by The Hades Child December 16, 2019
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