The greatest animated show ever, along with Batman: The Animated Series. Its main characters were Yakko, Wakko and Dot, three crazy children of indeterminate species. Packed with pop culture references, slapstick and innuendo.
Animaniacs was the highlight of my childhood.
by WakkoWarner501 September 24, 2011
A show that was created by Steven Spielberg, and lasted from 1993-1998. It centers around three siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner. Yakko is the oldest, and is really talkative, as his name suggests. Wakko is the middle child, and has a big appetite and is kind of crazy, as his name suggests. Finally, Dot is the youngest, as well as being the only girl. She is the cute one who loves being the center of attention. In every episode, we watch the Warner siblings run around, causing mayhem and performing many crazy antics. The series also got it’s own movie in 1999, titled “Wakko’s Wish.”
I can’t get enough of the Animaniacs! I just love watching Yakko, Wakko, and Dot!
by Hotgirl_937 April 16, 2019
Created by Steven Spielberg, Animaniacs was a cartoon that aired from 1993-1998. It starred three cat/dog like siblings named Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner. Each episode had about two or three skits each, one of which usually starred the Warner siblings, while the others featured recurring characters (Slappy and Skippy Squirrel, Pinky and the Brain, Buttons and Mindy, etc.). Original songs could be seen on the show, as well. Animaniacs ultimately had 99 episode, one spin-off series (Pinky and the Brain 1995-1999) and one movie (Wakko's Wish 1999). The show was kid and adult friendly, since it had both zany cartoon themes and pop culture/modern day references and jokes. Ultimately, Animaniacs gained a loyal fan following and many prestigious awards.
"The Animaniacs are my favorite cartoon!"
by WheresDaBeef January 18, 2015
best animated show in the ENTIRE universe, no objections.
by someone else thats not u March 2, 2021
Furries that teach information that can be incorrect
Just like the nations of the world with yakko warner
You mean that show about furries John?
by Coi_ January 16, 2021
The best cartoon ever created. More adult humor then the simpsons,family guy,futurama,and south park all put together. Brilliantly writen the show had many sub-cartoons such as; pinky and the brain, good idea/bad idea, and many many others. GREAT SHOW
We're the Warner brothers, and their sister dot said the Animaniacs.
by Peter Ryan July 28, 2006
*Alvin and his brothers lose Super Smash bros. Brawl by the chipettes*

Alvin:Darn,this was worst than when the Animaniacs ripped us off
*cutaways to a scene of the show that never happened and/or was offensive*
by Pinnie the wooh bear October 30, 2019