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Incessant unnecessary complaints offered by your companions whilst you are dining out. Table whines usually occur more frequently after your friends and colleagues have partaken in table wine.
YOU: "I'm hungry, where is the food? What's up with this place???"
ME: "I'm sure we can ask for more bread to go with your table whine."
YOU: "I'm sorry, I'm just a little drunk off of the table wine."
by reallypedantic June 05, 2010

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The point at which a person becomes highly open or agreeable after drinking copious amounts of sangria.

It may also refer to your perception of them at this point as well if you have been keeping up glass by glass. In this sense, it's close to the same effect as beer goggles.
YOU: "Wow, it may just be all of the Sangria I've had to drink, but I think you are super sweet!"
ME: "Thanks, but I think you're just being sangriable."
YOU: "No, you're hot."
ME: "I'll drink to that!"
by reallypedantic June 05, 2010

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An event where people know they'll be up far too late and will oversleep at this sleepover as a means of recovery from a hangover. This is the adult form of a childhood favorite.
"Hey, we're having an oversleepover tomorrow, you wanna come?"
"No, I gotta work the next morning."
by reallypedantic April 24, 2010

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A really bad driver that is brake happy usually causing traffic pattern mayhem and frustration. Very often found in mall parking lots frequented by shopaholics.
"Why aren't we moving?"
"There's a stopaholic up there."
by reallypedantic April 23, 2010

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A metal or plastic tray that you put inside your drawer to keep your knives, forks, and spoons all neat and tidy. This would be the least complicated method of Drawerganizing.
"I need a fork."
"Get one yourself. They are in the drawerganizer on the right hand side."
by reallypedantic April 21, 2010

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The act of simulating what you'd look like if you were a bit more toned and slim. Usually this means sucking in your gut, or pulling up your tummy in the mirror.
ME: Hey, do you think this swimsuit would look good on me?
YOU: I think it could, but run it through the slimulator first.
ME: Ugggh, yeah I already did. I'll have to shed a few pounds to successfully pull it off.
by reallypedantic September 13, 2012

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Intolerance as offered by somebody who is rather portly or rotund.

Passing this type of judgement yourself usually negates any sense of superiority you could have had over the bigot.
"That was a horrible thing to say. I'm so tired of your endless bigutry."
"Well, deal with it, I'm hungry."
by reallypedantic April 30, 2010

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