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IS a low profile rapper that 50cent is previously throwing shots at
Jada don't mess wit me if u wanna eat cuz I'll do ur lil'a@S like JAY did MOBB DEEP yeah dudes in NEWYORK like ur vocals but thats only in NEWYORK so ur a@s is local
by rah March 20, 2005
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I skillful Rapper from NY also in the group RR (Ruff Ryderz)
unfortunately getting *lyrically challanged* by fellow interscope rapper 50 cent.

a feud that from what we know aroused out of a possible publicity stunt on behalve of 50 cent to create controversy and rise records sales. Some say a profesional and business like move from 50 others question his motives and call it a stupid unprovoked jab at Jadda
Lyrics from 5 heartbeats - dissing Jaddakiss
"ja, joe and JADDA their fukin' retards
i run interscope ah ah out my car
Stunt i make it hot
you want i get you shot
talk your self into ya coffin
you're dead men walkin'"
by ddohc July 07, 2006
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