A very interesting person to have a relationship with.he's avery attractive person.once you have a bond with juelz its a bond that will last.just keep Loyalty with him.
by bae553 June 12, 2018
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A fine ass girl who is very attractive and will beat yo ass if u come straight at her so watch out she is also popular
by Guest202 April 3, 2018
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a major bitch who thinks she’s the best at everything she does and is one of the worst try hards you’ll ever meet.
omg you’re being such a juelz
by ayyyeeebruhhhh March 20, 2019
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When someone does too much trying to talk/type their way out of a hopeless argument.

Coined by posters on TheColi.com in 2017 due to a Juelz Santana gif where he mimes someone droning on in hopeless bs.
"I asked him why he smelled like that girl's perfume and he just started juelzing."

"Trump just put his foot in his mouth again. Get ready for a night of juelzing on Fox News."
by TheRhakim March 11, 2018
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to ramble incoherent bullshit. usually out of anger when someone presents you with the uncomfortable truth. Based on the Juelz Santana Coli gif.

Term coined by Coli poster "SirBiatch".
I asked him to provide receipts and he just started juelzing
by LeBiatch May 17, 2018
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The name of someone who's sexy has a big penis
by Awsommme March 14, 2017
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