22 definitions by pussack

a 19 year old squeaker who says they are "semi retired" from their clan, group, etc. but is actually a 7" 43 year old black man who try hards every game
This duns lives under a fucking rock and stalks little kids in his faction on Minecraft.
by pussack August 5, 2018
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A grown man who loves to stalk little kids on ROBLOX and has not been put to prison
I found this Gue on the game Adopt Me on ROBLOX. It is wise to put an entity like him to prison.
by pussack August 5, 2018
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when a person or people (in video games) throw themselves directly in enemy lines without thinking (very aggressive) in hopes of getting a kill
Our enemies had no coordination when they started fting, and therefore, they lost.
by pussack August 6, 2018
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(usually in Minecraft parkour) when you get super far in a parkour on your first try, but on your later attempts, you start trippin
Yo I think I have a case of First Attempt Syndrome cause after I fell off the parkour that first try, I kept fucking walking off of the one block jumps.
by pussack August 7, 2018
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A really bad clan leader.
This Mike Honcho has a losing streak of infinity!
by pussack August 6, 2018
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