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word used for weed so your parents don't understand you or your text messages

cereal = weed
bowl= papers, blunt, bowl, or bong
spoon= lighter
eat = smoke (verb)
Guy 1- Yo man you got that cereal?
Guy 2- Yeah man. You got the bowl and spoon?
Guy 1- Yeah let's go eat.
by psychonirvanafan March 14, 2010

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Letter B is a game usually played when you and your friends are stoned. When someone says a word that begins with the letter "B", you and everyone else gets to punch that person until they say, "Letter B."

It is the most fun when stoned because you tend to not pay too much attention to what you are saying.
Joe: Hey Nik, pass the bowl.
Nik: *punches Joe a couple times*
Joe: Letter B!
Nik: *stops hitting Joe* Here you go buddy.
Joe: *starts punching Nik*
Nik: Letter B!
Joe: Haha I love weed.
Nik: So do I haha.
by psychonirvanafan June 29, 2010

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The act of spending a long time constantly hitting "random" on Urban Dictionary.

It's a great way to discover new terms or get a good laugh.
I spent all day UD'ing
by psychonirvanafan April 03, 2010

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When you put a used condom on yours or someone elses nose. It will resemble Squidward from the show Spongebob Squarepants.
I gave him a Dirty Squidward while he was sleeping. The smell woke him up then knocked him back out.
by psychonirvanafan May 29, 2010

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Just like a normal glass of rum and coke, but with no coke. It pretty much means having a glass of straight rum.

Personally, it's my favorite drink.
I'll have a rum & coke; hold the coke please.
by psychonirvanafan July 23, 2010

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To be "stung" is when a band or artist stops being loud and kickass and turns into a soft, melodic sounding band.

The phrase comes from the artist Sting, the ex-lead singer of The Police. He went from being punk and cool to a soft sounding pussy.
Sting was stung when he went solo.
by psychonirvanafan April 05, 2010

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Hilarious host of the Colbert Report. Most people forget his full name, Dr. Sir Stephen Colbert, D.F.A

Next to Jon Stewart as the funniest comedians on Comedy Central.
Stephen Colbert shows America's true threat, BEARS!
by psychonirvanafan March 14, 2010

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