5 definitions by pseudomon

a rather short weapon, longer than a dagger, but shorter than a longsword. It has terrible aim, but it is extremely quick and effective. See steven.
Runescape is gay (NOT) but tis weapons, like the Scimitar, are awesome!
by pseudomon October 20, 2004
instead of cussing, sheet is used in place of shit. Not used by gay/Asian people necessarily, used by people who perfer to get past censors or don't like plain out cussing.
by pseudomon October 20, 2004
brand of condom- it is known to break under pressure
My trojen broke the other day- dammit
by pseudomon October 14, 2004
a long, average weapon which contains a menacing sharp, curved blade at its top. So long you can kill things in cages w/impunity, when a halbard is mentioned it is usually in refrence to Runescape.
omfg i got a halbard now i can kill everyone
by pseudomon October 23, 2004
Word Within a Word (WWAW)
A from of torture in junior/sr high, involves defining and understnading the roots of words
WWAW is time consuming, utterley useless, and just plain dumb.
by pseudomon November 2, 2004