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1.Another word for teabagging; of or refferring to the act of teabagging.

2. The sound a spring makes when it is bent back, then let go.

3. A secret language of an ancient tribe where the end of every sentence ends with 'gaggawammer'.
1. If you fall asleep then he will gaggawammer you.

2. That sounded like a gaggawammer.

3. Winna, choo nah he cha noowa gaggawammer.
by Poot April 09, 2005

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to be fiending for something
That trick was worsin for my cock last night.
by poot November 29, 2004

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Drinking to get crunk.
Who removed my definition of crinking!?
by poot February 14, 2005

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a word used if you beat someone or prove them wrong. often said in conjunction with grandma to form booyah grandma!
What now biatch? Booyah Grandma!!!
by poot April 22, 2004

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