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used in law enforcement for a killing/murder
187 on a motherfuckin' cop!-Sublime
by Pokey March 10, 2005
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Ugly walking stick with no ass,tits,face or respect for herself.


She's not rich and beautiful she's rich and Fugly. and has nothing to be jellous of.
Look at them bones: She's a paris Hilton.
Walking corpse
by Pokey December 17, 2003
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a phrase for use of backtalking and a good way to diss someone
-Man, you're ugly!
Yo mama ugly!

-I took him into the bedroom
I took your mom into the bedroom
by Pokey December 03, 2004
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In Denmark, a package of Fisherman's Friend or similar cough drops are allowed to dissolve in Vodka (flavored varieties are acceptable).
Drunk in shots.
When time is short, the ingredients can be blended to hasten diffusion.
Man that clears the nose.
Sizzurp Shots.
by pokey March 04, 2004
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A girl who attracts other girls.
Sarah: Ewww, that girl is totally checkin' you out.
Trina: I know, *sigh* I'm such a shar shar
by Pokey July 19, 2004
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A girl who acctracts other girls.
Sarah:Ewwww, that girl is totally checking you out.
Trina: I know, *sigh* i'm such a shar shar.
by Pokey July 19, 2004
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Little Angel who cant find the meaning to her surname;) hehehehe
Nope not here, nup not here either oh why cant i find the meaning to my surname?
by pokey January 01, 2004
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