10 definitions by pizzle

Straight up Sav; savage; totally awesome; so kool its hard to believe
I am so pagz that ppl ask me for tips on how i do it
by pizzle July 7, 2004
Some crazy muther fucka who sucks cock. (see homosexual)
Darrin,I know you are a canibal.. suck my cock.
by pizzle October 11, 2003
The very light and fluffy farts one experiences after being up all night on acid. They are like little pillows from heaven, and the softest farts you will ever experience.
-Dude, I have serious pancakes going on right now.

-Mmmm, Pancakes sound good. Let's go to IHOP.
by pizzle February 12, 2011
To be extremely comfortable to the point where it is almost overwhelming.
"Man I am so tired, I just want to get to bed." "Lets get some blankets and get maximum comfus!"
by pizzle December 1, 2014
A term referring to a girl with huge breasts that is under the legal age for sex. Derived from the huge rack on Lindsay Lohan.
by pizzle May 11, 2004
Actually, Blood Houd Gang is a sweet band, with hilarious lyrics and a good sound. They are lead by Jimmy Pop Ali, the genius vocalist. They are diverse in their songs, sometimes they have like a Buck Cherry sound, sometimes they sound like Beastie Boys, but it's good music.
Tom: Have you heard of the Blood Hound Gang?
Jim: Yeah, they really made me realize that a lap dance is more fun when the stripper is crying.
Tom: Agreed.
by pizzle August 6, 2006
Steve-O and Chris Pontius. They're fuckin hilarious and everyone knows it. If you say they aren't cool bitches then you're probably in denial and have a giant stick up your ass. And we can't forget about Manny.
The WildBoyz make having a turtle suck you off look like fun.
by pizzle April 2, 2005